High quality red, white and rosé wines, a selection of champagne and prosecco, soft drinks, beer and cider.

Red Wine

Merlot £25.00(Bottle) – £7.20 (175ml) – £6.00 (125ml)
Clear ruby wine with a pleasant aroma and good fruit. Dry, medium bodied and easy to drink

Salento IGT Primitivo “Due Palme” Puglia £29.00(Bottle) – £9.00 (175ml) – £6.50 (125ml)
A truly exquisite wine created exclusively from the finest Primitivo grapes grown in this renowned region

Valpolocella £31.00
Ruby red wine with full fruit, well rounded with a clean and pleasant finish

Montepulciano £28.00 (bottle) – £7.50 (175ml) – 6.00(125ml)
This is one of the best Montepulciano wines with a bouquet of intense flavours, soul and attitude

Shiraz Sicily £32.00(Bottle) – £9.00 (175ml) – £7.00 (125ml)
From very old wines, this powerful concentrated wine with spicy aromas of plum, coffee bean, vanilla, rich, ripe tannins with flavours of dark chocolate

Valpolicella Superiore “Ripasso” Tinazzi Veneto £41.00
Rich and luminous ruby red wine with aromas of dried fruit and tart cherry

Amicale £42.00(Bottle) – £11.00 (175ml) – £8.00 (125ml)
A full-Bodied,soft wine with juicy Black fruit flavours, and hints of toasty oak and spice.

Chianti Riserva-Tuscany £37.00(Bottle) – £9.50 (175ml) – £7.00 (125ml)
the best of Tuscany. Well balanced, elegant wine with a good structure

Barolo Piemonte £62.00
Among the best Italian wines from the Nebbiolo grape. Aged in large oak barrels

Amarone-Veneto £69.00
The grapes are left to dry in racks for several months, then pressed. The wine aged in oak barrels, creates a spectacular richness and depth.

Special Red Wine- Brunello Di Montalcino DocG £95.00 (Bottle)
The grapes are left to dry in racks for several months, then pressed. The wine aged in oak barrels, creates a spectacular richness and depth.

White wine

Sauvignon Blanc £27.00 (Bottle) – £7.50 (175ml) – £5.50 (125ml)
A fresh lemony crisp wine with a light touch of oak.
Well balanced with an attractive butter finish

Chardonnay £27.00(Bottle) – £7.50 (175ml) – £5.50 (125ml)
A very drinkable wine with rich, smooth and tropical aromas

Pinot Grigio £27.00 – £7.50 (175ml) – £5.50 (125ml)
A smooth, dry, crisp elegant style of this hugely popular grape variety

Gavi £31.00(Bottle) – £8.50 (175ml) – £6.00 (125ml)
If you like Pinot Grigio, try this! This delicious wine is crisp and fresh with ripe fruits on the palate

Verdicchio Classico £32.00
From the Marche region, this is very elegant wine with a soft, fresh style and hints of hazelnut the finish

Gavi di Gavi £47.00
A high quality wine, elegant and dry with hints of honey and nuts

Rose Wine

Pinot Grigio 27.00 (Bottle) – £7.50 (175ml) – £5.50 (125ml)
A deliciously fresh and fruity rose crammed with summer fruity flavours

Archivio primitivo rosato 30.00 (Bottle)
The taste is delicate and balanced with persistence on the palate and a fresh acidity,

The bouquet is pleasant and delicate with aromas of blackberries and aromatic herbs.

Sparkling wine and champagne

Prosecco £30.00 – £7.50 (175ml)
Sparkling rose – £30.00
House Champagne £48.00
Moet Et Chandon £80.00
Bollinger £95.00

Laurent Perrier Cuvee Rose £120

Dom Perignon 260.00
Cristal Champagne £359.00


Beer and Cider

Peroni Pint £6.50
Moretti bottle £5.00
Budweiser bottle £5.00
Peroni bottle £5.00
Peroni half pint £4.50
Carling Extra Cold pint £6.00
Carling Extra Cold half pint £4.00
Magners Original Cider £5.50 500ml

Boddingtons 440ml £5.00

Soft Drinks

Coke £2.95
Lemonade £2.95
Orange Juice £2.95
Cranberry juice £2.95

Apple juice £2.95
Orange cordial £2.00
Lime cordial £2.00
Blackcurrant Cordial £2.00
Tonic water £2.95
Dry Ginger £2.95
J20 £3.95
Mineral Water/sparkling 500ml £3.50

Large Soft Drinks 4.20

Project Details

Date: 1st October 2017