A selection of traditional Italian appetisers and a wide choice of antipasti.

Garlic Bread £4.20 (v)
Pizza bread topped with garlic

Garlic Bread  Rosmarino £4.20 (v)
Pizza read with garlic & rosemary

Garlic Bread with cheese £4.40 (v)
Pizza bread topped with garlic & mozzarella

Garlic Bread with tomato £4.40 (v)
Pizza bread topped with garlic & tomato sauce

Garlic Bread Special £4.95 (v)
Pizza garlic bread, ½ tomato and ½ cheese

Soup of the day £4.90
Our fresh, home-made soup of the day

Antipasto Misto £7.30
Italian salami served with olives, rocket, artichoke, buconccini mozarella

Gamberoni Diavola £8.40
King Prawns cooked in white wine, chilli, garlic and butter

Costolette di Maiale £7.50
Succulent spare ribs, cooked in fruity barbecue sauce

Asparagi alla Contadina £7.30
asparagus and parmisan shavings wrapped in parma ham grilled and served with lemon and butter sauce and balsamic reduction

Capesante £8.40
Scallops pan fried with chilli, garlic & panacea in white wine

Fish Cakes £6.45
Homemade fish cakes, deep fried, served with chilli tomato sauce

Cozze Marinara £6.90
Fresh Mussels cooked in onion shallots, garlic, flat parsley, white wine and cream, served with toasted ciabatta

Salsiccia £6.95
Italian pork sausages chargrilled and served with chilli, garlic and spinach

Funghi Fritti £6.15 (v)

Deep fried button mushrooms in breadcrumbs served in garlic butter sauce

Olive Condite £3.90 (v)
Marinated black olives with chilli, garlic and parmesan shavings,
served with focaccia bread

Gamberoni al Pomodoro £6.95
King prawns cooked with fresh peppers onions and garlic in a rich tomatoes sauce

Calamari Fritti £6.95
Deep fried fresh squid rings served with tartare sauce

Insalata Caprese £6.15 (v)
Slices of tomato, mozzarella and basil olive oil

Pate della Casa £6.10
home made fresh chicken pate, served with slices of crispy toast and butter

Bruschetta al Pomodoro £4.90
Toasted Italian bread topped with chopped tomato, basil & olive oil

Polpette della Nonna £5.50
meatballs in tomatoes sauce ant toasted ciabatta bread

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Date: 2nd November 2017